Nourishing Concepts

Fermented Food and Fermentation Benefits

Are Fermented Foods a Fad or the Future of Gut Health? You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of fermented food. What’s all the buzz about? Is it just another crazy food fad? That’s not likely: people have used fermentation as a healthy and safe way to flavor and preserve food since ancient times. […]

How to Reduce Inflammation AND Reduce your Risk of Disease

What do Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s have in common? Inflammation! Inflammation is part of the body’s natural response to injury and illness and is a key part of our immune process. However, low-level inflammation, the kind you and your doctor may not even be aware of can be damaging to your body’s cells […]

Got heartburn? It may not be what you think!

Can Heartburn Come From an Underactive Stomach? It seems natural to assume that the unpleasant, painful, and distressing symptoms of heartburn come from too much stomach acid. Medical professionals often prescribe drugs that will suppress stomach acid to reduce heartburn. Antacids and drugs like Zantac or Nexium may provide short-term heartburn relief, but they don’t […]

Daily Detoxification – Lighten up your Toxic Load.

Just living in our chemical-filled world can introduce toxins into our bodies. Many of these toxins can occur naturally, while others are by-products of food processing and agriculture. Still other toxic substances can lurk in commonly-used food and beverage containers. Holistic Nutrition can support our bodies in its natural detoxification functions to reduce the effect […]